Workers Commitments Each family is required to work a designated number of worker commitment days, as determined each year by the number of races hosted.  This commitment does not double if you have two or more children in the club.

Each family pre-pays a race working surcharge at registration for the season. This amount is then refunded at the end of the season based on the number of commitments worked (up to a maximum of the prepaid amount).  Be sure to sign in on the Race Worker Sign-in sheet at registration the morning of the race to get your race worker credit.

Race Work consists of the following job functions:

Please refer to Race Worker Job Description for a full description of the worker responsibilities.

In addition, the WMAEF Board of Directors strongly recommends that parents join USSA on a family membership basis. In running USSA races, all members of the Jury must be USSA members in order to maintain insurance coverage for the entire race. This includes Chief of Race, Technical Delegate, Referee and Assistant Referee. It is desirable for the Club to have as many parents as possible become an Alpine Official, which is an additional fee to USSA and includes some training for specific roles in running the race.